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Piano Donation & Removal Services

Give your pianos a 2nd life

   At Luna's Piano Moving, we understand that pianos often hold a significant sentimental value to their owners. That's why we offer piano donation options to help give these instruments a new home when they are no longer needed.

   When you work with us for piano donation, we'll first assess the condition of the piano to determine if it's suitable for donation. If the piano is in good condition, we'll offer to move it to a new home free of charge. We believe that every piano deserves a second chance to make music and bring joy to someone else's life.

   However, if the piano is in poor condition and cannot be accepted by a donation center, we'll dispose of it at the landfill. We understand that this is not the preferred outcome, but sometimes it's the only option for the piano.

   If you have a specific donation center in mind that has agreed to accept the piano, we can deliver it to that location for a fee. However, please note that if the donation center changes their mind and decides not to accept the piano, we'll charge an additional disposal fee on top of the delivery fee.

   At Luna's Piano Moving, we're committed to helping pianos find new homes and continue to bring joy to others. Contact us today to learn more about our piano donation options and how we can help you give your piano a new life. Our piano removal services are offered 7days/week.

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